Wednesday, 25 July 2007

P&S Camera Design V.1, part 2

I think a good camera for man is just like a good handbag for women. Since they have so many options (brands) to choose from, why don't do the same. It was quite simple, I applied a few skins onto the camera. Don't you think that it gives really different character to every single design.

Well, I had to admit that the design was heavily influences by the classic Leica M and girl's leather handbags. There is nothing stops girls like them too.

P&S Camera Design V.1, part 1

It was raining badly again this afternoon. That was the ultimate excuse for not doing any proper work. Well, there it was, I spent the whole afternoon on illustrator, first time using this software seriously. I Had to say, it was a lot more difficult than I thought. Eventually, the result was acceptable.

Here it is. A new design of a Point & Shoot Camera.

The idea was pretty simple, a Leica CM sized fixed focus length (lens) digital camera. This machine is purely a fantasy. However the goal was to design an exterior of such a camera and its UI (User Interface).

Main features:
  • 1.33x Foveon X3 sensor, 2000 x 3000 in 3 layers
  • ISO 50(low) to 3200(high), the large pixel size ensures good performance at high ISOs
  • 30mm lens, giving 40mm equivalent in 135 format
  • Aperture F=2.0, allows just enough control over the DOF
  • Auto Focus with full time manual over write with Focus-by-wire focus ring
  • Focus from 10cm to infinity
  • LED ring flash, shadow-less photography
The electronics design was not part of this design study. Having the technologies available today, it was a sensible judgment that such design is feasible. The 120x70x35mm form factor provide reasonable space for descent complexity of the integrated electronic system. Considering removal of the range finder mechanism from an M8, it could end up in similar package. The Sigma DP1 is just another example of this kind.

Sunday, 8 July 2007


This is the separate Blog for every thing about Photography, from my daily Blog: Dream To Death

Ever since high school, I was a big fan of photography. It was rather an interesting experience through these years. Like most amateurs, I did too fall in to the 'Great Camera Gear' trap. I was lucky to realize after few 'revolutions': it is not all about cameras. 

I started with a Leica M6 and a 50 years old Rigid Chrome without knowing much about photography. Some may say: spoiled boy! True. But it was the best thing ever happened to me. 

Like many, I joined the DSLR fleet at the golden age of the digital photography. From a Canon 20D to a 5D, it was rather a race in the 'war of gears'. I became more frustrating than enjoying these 'Weapons of Mass Destruction'. Well, there is only one thing i could do, and I did. Damped all the digital gear. 

Today, I'm back where I started with. Enjoying the original form of photography, films.