Thursday, 29 November 2007

Future Vision . . . Image Sensor

As new Types of image sensor are emerging. They will change the way digital images created. Here is one example of the new sensor technology (apparently by Nikon). Just like the Foveon X3 sensor, it record Blue, Green, and Red separately at each pixel. It uses a set of micro mirror system to separate colors in every light ray, just like a micro 3-CCD system. Amazing! 

The layout of the pixels are not known at this stage. However, from the existing information in the public domain, plus some imagination, it is not so hard to figure out the hexagonal layout (Honeycomb shaped) of the future image sensors. Naturally, the most efficient arrangement of photo-sites. Cool, isn't it? 

This is how it looks light for a 3000x2400 pixels full frame sensor. With a 12μm pixel pitch, it ensures a good collection of photons at each pixel. It has 7.2 million pixels. Is it enough? Well, I think so. With hexagonal layout and RGB at each pixel, it should produce similar detail as a 20 Million pixel Bayer CCD/COMS. 

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