Friday, 9 November 2007

My Choice . . . 75mm F2

As my last post discussed about the short telephoto lens, after months consideration and research, I have put my one and half ground on the APO Summicron 75mm ASPH. It's coming tomorrow, really excited. And we will see why it is the champion.

Here are some thoughts on why I made my decision on this particular lens:
  1. As a practical reason, since I have already got the Leica M system, it is sensible to put most of the tasks on to my integrated system.
  2. It is compact, though still heavy. With a flouting element design, it is expected to perform better than Summicron 90AA and Summilux 80/75 at close focus. This is important for the portrait use.
  3. last but not least, it render image smoothly from the in focus areas to the background. We will see how well it will perform.
Let's wait and see.

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