Thursday, 29 November 2007

Future Vision . . . MP Digital (Revised)

As you can see, it is just another idea for a Digital Rangefinder concept. It is far from perfect. 
I have learnt that for most M8 users, RAW shooting is the only acceptable choice to utilize the image quality. From that logic, why not built a camera that records RAW files only. Hence there won't be any problem with the White Balance, poor JPEG conversion, and all those digital processor carrying out these tasks. System, thus, can be simplified to minimum components. Only the sensor, controller (Not DSP), buffer, and memory card are required to record images. Just like films but in digital form. 
The only obvious problem will be the large files. However, with exponential growth of memory capacity, this won't be a problem in years time. 

By doing that, the M heritage can be passed on to the digital age. A digital camera that work in exactly the same way as the film M. Elegant user interface combined with the convenience of digital processes that will give new life to the Rangefinder. 

The radical design of this concept is that the LCD display is totally removed. As a digital camera, that is almost unimaginable. But why not? I find much easier to view and select images on a computer with a reasonable large screen, this is what digital images all about. Some may say a display is useful to check the results. Yes, that's right, but for most M shooters, you will only have a chance once to make a particular image. Never the less, the option is still available as an accessory. 

As a system, other modules will contribute its function into the camera. Most importantly, as a business, accessories are good, it give people options to spend more on your products. 

Since the main body does not have a built in motor, so a Motor Drive would a straight forward solution if one like to take continuous shoots. It shares the same battery as the main body, and will be able to function as a battery pack if necessary. 

And finally, here comes a LCD screen. Not exactly, this is a key component in this concept. Many people have a separate data storage for their digital cameras. So what we doing here is to combine that into the system within the same footprint. And yes, it have a beautiful screen, just in case you can't wait to see your shoots before getting to a computer. It can be used independently for viewing and managing images, as well as attached to the main body. It will be able to record images directly. There are a few different configurations according to one's need. (more chances to make money!) Together with the camera, it will still more compact than today's smallest DSLR camera with a battery grip. 

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